Business Simulation Game Trainings:

The material and programs used include a total of three simulation game trainings in the field of financial and business literacy for different target groups. These include:

Micro Business Game

The Micro Business Game is a three day highly interactive training for micro entrepreneurs and for all people who want to learn in practice how the success and sustainability of start-ups and small businesses can be improved. 

Farmers Business Simulation

This game is supposed to specifically target smallholder farmers and micro and small entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector. The first Training of Trainers was conducted in 2018 which took place in Zambia within the framework of a partnership project with Bank of Zambia.

Savings and Household Budget Simulation

An innovative Hands-on learning approach for private individuals, private households and young adults.

Radio Show Quiz for Children

Radio shows about the importance of savings and how to improve children’s entrepreneurial skills were held in October 2019 and 2020 during the week before the World Savings Day. The picture (on the left) shows the winners of the quiz show in the BoZ Governors’ office in Dec 2019.

Lusaka National Museum Financial Literacy Programme

Together with the Bank of Zambia, Sparkassenstiftung promoted the importance of savings to students from all over Zambia, being invited by the Lusaka National Museum for its Literacy Programme. With an electronic game students were taught basics about savings and financial institutions.

Savings Bus

Together with AB-Bank Zambia two Saving Buses  were designed  and bought to educate students in financial literacy and promote and teach about mobile banking. They visit schools and public places in remote areas where no banks or MFIs are.

Training of Trainers

More than 160 individuals from Banks (e.g. Zanaco, Natsave and AB-Bank), Associations (e.g. Zambia Chamber of Small and Medium Business Associations - ZCSMBA, Zambia Association of Federation of Women in Business – ZAFWIB) and NGOs (e.g. Conservation Farming Unit , Charity Centre for Child and Youth Development, Youth Alive Zambia, Women's Entrepreneurial Access Center)  private and public institutions have been trained as trainers for the Micro Business Simulation (MBS), Farmers Business Simulation (FBS) and the Savings Game (SG) for workplaces and private households.

Business Simulation Trainings for Marketeers

The three-day training for Marketeers is based on the aims and objectives of the Micro Business Simulation Game training targeting, especially the women marketeers. In 43 trainings more than 700 marketeers have been trained.

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