German Sparkassenstiftung Southern Africa operates within the framework of the German Sparkassenstiftung Head Office in Bonn, Germany


German Sparkassenstiftung has been active in the Southern African region for many years. The regional project combines Sparkassenstiftung's existing and planned project activities in Southern Africa (based on previous experience in the project countries) with the aim of  

- facilitating project coordination and steering from a single source.

- promoting a strengthened South-South dialogue between the respective project partners and actors.   (For example, the central banks of Zambia and Malawi are already project partners or target  groups. The implementing partner of the Farmers Business Simulation (FBS), the New Apostolic Church Relief Organisation (NACRO), serves Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambian implementing partner Women's Entrepreneurial Access Center (WEAC) is part of an initiative of the Southern African   Innovation Support Programme of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with ministries from Botswana,  Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa as well as the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation  in Namibia).

- facilitating and optimising the sharing of resources and experience. In addition to the exchange  of experience and mutual use of local trainers, more specialised advisory needs can be bundled and expertise exchanged.

Deutsche Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation e.V.
Regional Office Southern Africa:
Lusaka Telecom House
Plot No. 5, Mwaimwena Road – Rhodespark Area

Lusaka, Zambia

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