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Southern Africa

­The Business Games made by German Sparkassenstiftung have become an international brand for an innovative interactive learning experience. Learning with haptic and computer-based simulations is knowledge far away from dry theory. Interaction, practical exercise and the motivation to finish the game as the winner, lead to a high learning success.

The Business Games in Southern Africa were first introduced in Zambia in the year 2012. These games focused on the Micro Business Game (MBG) and the Savings Game (SG) which were conducted through partner organizations and later extended to Namibia. 

In 2017, the Farmers Business Game (FBG) was introduced and piloted in Zambia with focus on two (2) provinces, Central and Southern. The FBG was later spread out to all ten (10) provinces in Zambia due to the positive feedback received and demand for it. The FBG has recently been extended to Zimbabwe, through our partners, where the first (1st) training was conducted in March 2021.

The first ever Farmers Business Game,Trainer of Trainers (ToT), in Malawi, took place in May 2021.

Please find further information about our Business Games here.

Micro Business Game

Micro Business Game is a highly interactive training for microentrepreneurs and for all people who want to learn in practice how the success and sustainability of start-ups and small businesses can be improved.

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Savings Game

Savings Game is a highly interactive training tool for private households, young people and small family businesses that wish to learn the art of efficient family budget management and savings mobilisation.

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Farmers Business Game

Farmers Business Game is a highly interactive training for smallholder farmers, emerging farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs who want to improve their skills for a successful and sustainable farm management.

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MFI Management Game

MFI Management Game is a highly interactive training for senior and middle managers as well as for high potentials who want to understand how the performance of a Microfinance Institution (MFI) can be improved by best management practices.

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