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Training workshop in Malawi

Our German Sparkassenstiftung Southern Africa team is currently conducting a two week training workshop in one of our regional locations, Malawi. This is being carried out at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR)

Planning workshop with Bank of Zambia

German Sparkassenstiftung in partnership with the Bank of Zambia held a successful planning workshop to kick-off the 2021 financial year.

Radio show for marketeers

Together with the Zambia Federation of Association of Women in Business (ZFAWIB), German Sparkassenstiftung developed a radio show especially for women marketeers. The radio show was translated into 3 local languages namely Nyanja, Bemba, Tonga. The first programme was broadcast in 2017 in Nyanja. In 2019, it was translated to Bemba and Tonga and was scheduled to air in September 2020.

World Savings Day

German Sparkassenstiftung joined the rest of the world in celebrating the World Savings Day. It calls attention to the importance of savings as a way to reduce poverty, promote financial literacy, and educate people about saving and managing their finances.

Financial Literacy Week 2021

German Sparkassenstiftung joined other Zambian financial stakeholders in commemorating the 2021 Financial Literacy Week (FLW) which ran concurrently with the Global Money Week. Financial Literacy Week is an annual awareness campaign used to educate and sensitize the general public about various topics on managing personal finances. The theme for the year was 'Take care of your health, take care of your money.'

AB-Bank Savings Bus in Action

As part of the 2021 Financial Literacy Week activities, German Sparkassenstiftung spent the day with AB-Bank in Chongwe. This was during an eTUMBA savings presentation that was being made to primary school students at Rafiki Private School. The colourful eTumba savings bus that was sponsored by German Sparkassenstiftung was present at the event and was a beautiful sight to see.

Radio Quiz Show for children

To support the development of a savings culture, German Sparkassenstiftung together with the Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ) developed and supported a radio quiz for children and youth. The winners were awarded with a savings account inclusive a deposit, equivalent to 35 U$D, both sponsored by participating local banks and MFIs. All winners and representatives of the Financial Institutions were invited by the Governor of the Bank of Zambia for the Award Ceremony on 6th Dec 2019

Providing support in the implementation of the National Strategy on Financial Education in a partnership project with the Bank of Zambia (BoZ).

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